Event Manager London? Need your own Website? Then we have a package for you! If you are a London party planner, or you organise Christmas parties, corporate events, weddings or conferences, then this website is ready built and for sale!
Not only that, but your London Event Manager Social Media pages are set up and ready to go too!

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Event Manager London

We have secured the page name Event Manager London on Facebook.

Events 4 London
Twitter Account

Events 4 London is an original and secured Twitter username.

Event Manager London
Google Plus

We have just registered Event Manager London on Google Plus.

Event Manager London – The Whole Package and More

The Whole Site

We are happy to pass the whole of the website, complete with all the licensed images, to the buyer. Everything is set up and ready to go!

You get the domain name, a years hosting free, all software updates and we’ll even help you personalise it and assist with the CMS (Content Management System).

The Whole Truth

The site was used for a London based freelance event manager. It has been dormant for some 7 years now and rather than just let it go we decided to make a package that would appeal to freelance event managers, event organisers, party planners and perhaps, wedding planners.

If you’re interested call us!

What’s in the Box?

  • SEO – A package that includes an initial installation of Yoast’s powerful SEO plug-in, all ready and optimised for Event Manager London.
  • Cornerstone – A complete visual composer package that makes editing your pages as simple as 1-2-3.
  • Galleries – Image software that lets you build stunning galleries to show off your London Events.
  • Sliders – Create great slideshows, highlighting your parties, weddings, conferences and Christmas!
  • Google Maps – Create Google Maps highlighting your location and your event venues.
  • News/Blogs – Add all your latest event news and blog about how great your event management skills are!

Event Management London Portfolios

Highlight your London Event Management portfolios with our easy to manage portfolio section.